Simplify RB

Its time to Simplify your Trading.


Simplify R-Breakout Trader


Simplify RB is an automated trading tool for NinjaTrader8 which can be used with Spot FX, CFD and futures markets. RB will place orders and manage positions in the selected trend direction. RB can be used in full automation or manual mode using NinjaTrader chart trader manual function. RB is packed with easy to use functions which require little set up time.


Select from H1-W1

Trade from M15 to D1

Manual direction

Automated direction

Directional bias select

Full automation


Min/Max session DD

RB R management

Basic trail stop

Advanced trail stop

Call ATM option

Fully automated 

Manual chart trader


Stop offset

Prevent trades

Session timer

Compressed bar function

Additional price filters

Long/Short tool bar


"Choose your option"

Start today with Simplify RB for the Forex, CFD and Futures markets. 
With pre configured base settings for 6E, 6B, GBP/USD, DAX, EUR/USD

You will receive RB full version with PDF tutorials with lifetime subscription and updates.