Simplify Trading.
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“Automated and manual trading systems for NinjaTrader 8 and MT5”



Developed for NinjaTrader 8 platform


Multi asset

Simplify can be traded in the Forex, Commodities, Index and indices markets. In fact the only limitation is your price feed. Here at Simplify Trading we trade the DAX, SP500, Gold, and some FX pairs making the most of the European and US trading sessions.


Trend based


Simplify is a trend based system which is used for swing and day trading. Whilst taking advantage of W1, D1, H4 and H1 directions this allows traders to tweak for there preferred time frames and trading sessions. The system can be used in full automation mode or as part of an existing trading strategy where trade entry and management is required to maximize profit potential. Trading H4 down to M5 for intra day, Simplify caters for all traders.

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Trade Management


Trade management is key to long term success in the markets. Simplify offers repeatable edge with its automated entry and management functions allowing winning positions to maximize profit potential thus closing negative trades quickly and efficiently. All trade management functions can be customized for any asset and time frame for backtracking, market replay and live trading.



Simplify is packed with features allowing full customization. Settings can be altered to suit trading times and trading styles from swing, to day trading. Setting up trading sessions couldn’t be more straight forward. Simply enter the desired session times, limit the maximum session draw down and choose trend direction to start testing.