Q. How do i get started?

A. We recommend starting with our VPS option. We install NinjaTrader8 and the Simplify System with preset templates, this allows Traders to test and view our edge with full market depth whilst having full control of the system.



Q. What experience do I need?

A. We are here to help further develop Traders, Automated trading experience is not essential. However we do prefer that traders have covered the market basics like charting, platforms, broker selections etc.



Is NinjaTrader licence included?

The NinjaTrader licence is not included in our pricing and must be purchased to enable “live trading”. You can purchase a licence from NinjaTrader directly on a lease option or buy outright. NinjaTrader also has “FREE” options with new broker accounts. The Simplify System will run perfectly on a demo licence for testing.



Can I manually trade?

Simplify can be used with an exiting Traders logic where an automated trade management system is required. We also have an option to manually apply trend direction while maintaining automated entry and management. Positions can't be manually managed once open.



Q: Is there a refund policy?

A: Refunds will only be offered if there is bug a related issue that is effecting trading. We will only process a refund if we have been given the chance to rectify in good time. We will not refund a based upon a change of mind. We urge traders to stay in line with templates supplied for 30 days "Testing" of SP500 and DAX, not doing so will void refund.



Q. Do you offer education?

A: We will teach you the underlying logic which has been developed over many years. We see this as great importance, it will build your trust and confidence in our System and your Trading.



What support do you provide?

We are always here to help and answer any questions you may have. You can contact us via email, Skype and Telegram. We will reply in most cases within a few hours allowing for local time differences



How do I pay?

After the initial introduction and demo, we will work with clients to choose best option for them. Payments are then processed via Stripe or direct bank transfer to our UK account. All card types are excepted as well as PayPal.