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Will RB work with any symbol?

RB can be configured for any "Price" chart. RB will not work with Renko or similar.

What is RB?

In brief. RB is an automated trading tool. During selected session times and when criteria is met, RB will place a pending order at close of bar. Once order is filled RB will manage position until TP or SL is hit. If the order is not filled within selected session time it will be canceled. Traders can also interact with open positions when required using the chart trader manual function.

RB is not intended to seek out or trade markets without a solid trader overview. Traders can enable RB for there preferred trading session or point of interest when required. RB is best applied to trending markets.


Do you offer after sales support?

We are available to help you with install and set up.

Do you offer a free trial?

We no longer offer a free trial due to it's time intensive nature. RB is packed with functions and simple to operate at a great price. All sales are final. We have recently introduced the 3 month lease as we feel this gives Traders the optimum time to test RB at a fraction of the cost.

Should I test RB with my symbol?

You should test and become familiar with RB using market replay or Demo trade.

What's included in the price?

RB full version 
Base CFD/FX settings.
PDF and video set up.
Email support for install and basic operations.

Should I use the strategy analyzer?

RB should be tested on "market replay" for accurate results. Back test with strategy analyzer is not recommended due to historic fill process. Please take the time to use reliable data from the same provider for forward testing. RB can trade through years of data when required. But please be aware RB is not intended to work 24/7 all year round without market awareness or interaction from user