Simplify RB Trader 3 months Sub

Simplify RB Trader 3 months Sub

  • RB Trader is a price action automated trading tool. 
  • RB will use the close of the previous bar to determine market direction.
  • RB will then place a pending order at the H/L of most recent closed bar in direction of trend.
  • Trend can be selected  H1-H4-D1-W1. When the pending order is filled RB will manage trade until TP/SL or exit on session closed is reached.
  • RB will use the value of previous bar to calculate SL/TP and trailing.
  • The SL is placed at the H/L of previous bar limiting risk. Traders can also manually interact with trades using chart trader hidden function. 
  • RB can be used on multiple time frames and tick charts.
  • RB is simple to set up
  • RB Reduces trader interaction in the market
  • RB can be used with existing trading systems for break out and pull back where automated trade entry and management is preferred
  • RB is supplied with base templates for GBP/USD, EUR/USD, GER30 CFD, FDAX.




Simplify RB feature functions:


Tool bar long/short toggles

Select long or short mode using NinjaTrader tool bar.  


Time of day trading session settings:

​​​​​​​Traders can set session times for RB to trade. RB will manage open positions outside of these           times until TP/SL or exit session on closed is reached. 


Advanced R based Trail stop functions:

RB Will trail stops based on user defined settings. Stops are calculated on size of entry bar giving traders clear R/R


Aggressive R trail stop functions:

Option to run aggressive 2 step trail function R based.


Min/Max session DD:

Set the profit & loss for each trading session and go flat.


Compressed bar criteria setting:

RB uses the most recent closed candle to validate entry. Traders can set candle size to min/max value. Example setting Min 10 Max 30 pip, candle will only be a valid entry if closed inside of this value.


Stop offset function:

Move stop loss X ticks/pips from bar close acounting for spread on the market.


Trend direction filter for W1 to H1:

Set RB to trade the direction for H1-H4-D1-W1 while using M15-H4 as enrty time frames. For example trade with daily trend using M1 enrty time frame.


Call ATM function:

Traders can use RB's trend and automated entry but instead call Ninja's ATM strategy for trade management. Traders can then personalize trade management even further.


  • Traders will need to install NinjaTrader 8 in order to trade RB. Found here. 


  • NinjaTrader is supplied with a free demo license for sim trading only. You can obtain a free live license by opening a live account with NinjaTrader or FXCM account for live or demo trading. All options are free. Please note; we are not affiliated with any brokers nor do we receive payment referrals.


Please send in your NinjaTrader "Machine ID" when purchasing RB. This will take up to 24 HRS to activate depending on local time. Upon checkout you will receive a direct download link to RB which can be installed with Ninjascript install function. A link for Templates and PDF will follow within 24HRS