RB Clips



In this clip you will see RB using the base EUR/USD template supplied. RB will run through session with no min/max DD set. We feel this gives a transparent visual of RB's operation and efficiency even in choppy areas of the market.


GER30 CFD "Dax"

In this clip we walk through basic function and entry for the GER30 CFD symbol. We show a break down how RB places and manages orders at basic level.


RB Manual function.

In this clip we take a look at how RB Manual can be used in the market with or without an existing Trading style or indicator set up. We overlay indicators to show you how to interact with Trading.


RB Call ATM Function

In this clip we see how RB can call the  Traders ATM strategy whilst using RB's automated entry's and trend bias functions. This ATM strategy overrides RB's default management.


RB Trading NQ July-Oct 2020

In this clip RB trades through July to Oct 2020 using intra day settings trading US open.